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Issue #4752 wontfix

Please add an 'ALL' option to the Repositories menu (BB-6031)

Tempered Vision
created an issue

AT present, the repositories dropdown in the main menu is far less useful than the previous version. It only shows 5 recently viewed/updated report, but no mechanism to show all.

On the dashboard this is less irritating as there is a panel for all repositories, but inside a specific repo, this is almost useless as its highly inefficient to move repos.

Comments (3)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff
    • changed component to ui

    Thanks for the feedback. We removed the old page intentionally as there were numerous missing repos and inconsistencies on that page. If you wouldn't mind, please propose what you'd like to see a new version of an ALL page show. We'll consider it in a future update.

    For now, the Dashboard as well as your Team/User page will be the place to see all of the repositories that you have access to.

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