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See attached screenshot.

(If I see another tin of spam and you drop my ticket on the floor again, that will be the last pretty picture I draw for you...)

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  1. groks reporter
    • changed status to open

    This is live now and I've noticed that the reported repo size is still wrong. The qclone command will clone the entire base repository, as well as the patch repository, which will usually be considerably larger the the patch repository alone.

    Also, it's your call but I don't think hiding the command(s) used to clone behind javascript is a good idea. I was puzzled about what to do and really wasn't going to click on those links as I would expect they would send me to a different page, not show me some text.

    I can see how having two command lines present might be too much. But I think you need to at least show the http one.

    How about having a little info icon, or the word 'help' or 'more' nearby, which if clicked will lead to a page describing how to clone projects. From there you can also explain to windows users who to use TortoiseHG, the subtleties of patch queues, etc.


  2. Eirik Stavem
    • changed component to ui

    Thanks for the feedback, we weren't quite happy with the current solution but couldn't decide on what we didn't like either ;)

    Will have another look at this.

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