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Issue #4775 wontfix

Clipping repository logos inside circles is stupid

Matt Chaput
created an issue

Why on EARTH are you clipping the repository logo inside a circle!? Everybody's logos look terrible now. If I wanted my logo in a circle, I would put it in a circle. It's not like this change accomplishes anything in terms of technical or usability improvements, it's just change for change's sake, and it makes my (very good) logo look terrible. Please revert this change!

Comments (7)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Matt,

    I am sorry you don't like the decision to round repo logos.

    This decision was made when we re-considered our information architecture so as to clearly distinguish, in all contexts, between the avatar of a user and that of a repository.

    This was a design decision that was made for all products at Atlassian and it was not a design choice that was made lightly.

    Thanks for reporting, cheers,


  2. Daniel Hughes

    My projects logo was designed for my project, not for bitbucket, and it does not work when clipped to round, this is my projects official icon, the one use in the application on all platforms and cannot be redesigned to suit bitbuckets bizarre requirements.

  3. Matt Chaput reporter

    I will accept that BB had a UI reason for this change that I don't understand, but all it's going to accomplish is people will either (a) do nothing and let their logos look terrible, or (b) resize the content of the logo to be smaller inside the image so it doesn't get cut off by the circle. The first degrades the BB experience for everyone, and the second negates whatever benefit BB thought this change would bring.

  4. Daniel Hughes

    You are actually hiding part of the projects logo, Who do you think you are to chose which parts of the user defined logo is to be used. If you need to differentiate then do it outside the bounds of the logo so that all of the projects logo is used. We wouldn't have designed our logos to use all the space if it wasn't important to us. Your stomping on our projects brand, you have no right to do this.

  5. Daniel Hughes

    Upon further investigation it looks like what you are doing is a violation of international copyright law. You are not allowed to modify someone else logo.

    What you have done is illegal and you could get sued for a lot of money.

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