browse/explore repos? (BB-6044)

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Jon LaBelle
created an issue

After I'm logged into my acct., I don't see a place to browse/explore other repositories (other than search w/ empty). Am I missing something, or have you hidden this on purpose?

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jon, With the launch of Bitbucket's big design overhaul, we removed the explore functionality. We weren't satisfied with how it worked or the experience for users. And we decided to focus our energy on the experience of browsing and managing your own repos.

    We hope to reintroduce an even better way to browse interesting Bitbucket repos sometime in the future.



  2. xr09

    Maybe I'm wrong but so many duplicates issues asking for this feature don't lie, users want this badly, hope you guys don't put it too back in the schedule.

  3. Jay Lonnquist

    Any movement on this feature? Having an option to explore other repos would be eminently useful. increasing the visibility of ones own repos as a result would be a real boon, especially to smaller projects.

  4. Olle Lundberg

    This is needed badly. How am i supposed to discover new interesting projects/partake in social coding without the explore page?

    Trending repositories is a very important missing feature, it's also one of the reasons why I'm contemplating leaving bitbucket for github, for good.

  5. Jared Forsyth

    this is just one of the reasons bitbucket has lost me as a serious customer. Yes, it's nice to have free private repos, but for /anything/ else, github wins. Oh, and they actually respond to major feature under 14 months.

  6. Alastair Wilkes staff

    As Dylan originally mentioned, we've spent a lot of time working on optimizing the experience for teams working together on projects. At this time, we don't have plans to introduce additional capability to browse projects outside the teams you're working with, so I'm closing this.

  7. Patrick O'Keeffe

    It's not clear to me how an 'optimized team experience' has any relation to the ability to browse the Bitbucket community.

    And it's pretty ominous this issue is being closed instead of just ignored (like most issues are). ;)

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