In Opera long author names show as blank in the commits view (BB-6050)

Issue #4780 resolved
created an issue

When viewing commits list for particular repo, author name is not shown.

Using Opera version 12.02

Our ellipsis overflow is making the name disappear in Opera.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Azamat,

    We don't seem to be able to reproduce this running on Mac OSX.

    What OS are you seeing this on?

    I am afraid that we don't officially support Opera but if there is something simple wrong we will try to take care of it.



  2. bluecatworks reporter

    This was my first time to report an issue and I am glad, that you guys looked up quickly. Cool!

    I am on Windows 7.

    Actually just noticed, that only my name is not shown, but my colleague's is shown. My name is longer that his, probably that is the issue :) Attaching another screenshot, have a look, please.

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