Issue #4785 resolved

reStructuredText section header rendering (BB-6051)

Philip Xu
created an issue

First of all, thanks for the nice UI overhaul.

In the new UI, when rendering reST files, such as overview page with README.rst, section headers (turned into <h2> tags) are hard to distinguish from normal text contents. Used to be in bold (font weight) in the old UI.

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  1. Philip Xu reporter
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    Changed to bug, because I found out that subsection headers are rendered in bold font weight, while their parent section headers are not.

  2. Philip Xu reporter

    Thanks Dylan.

    Here is a concrete example:

    The overview page of SCons:

    It's reST source here:

    Notice how the subsection titled Populate build/scons/ using a pre-installed SCons is bold while its parent section titled Installation is not, this is a bit counterintuitive.

    This is also inconsistent with source code view, in which the very same reST page is rendered with all section/subsection title in bold.

    By the way, in source code view linked above, it's hard to tell which is section which is subsection, because the difference in font size is quite small.

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