could not convert to team (BB-6090)

Issue #4787 resolved
MobiWIA Ltd. created an issue

I would like to convert my account to tem and although I select an administrator the create button doesn't let me go on, error message is 'You must nominate at least one developer as an admin.'

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  1. Nicolas Venegas


    Do you mind attaching a screenshot of the form when you receive that error?

    I tried to reproduce the problem but was successfully able to convert an individual account into a team account.



  2. MobiWIA Ltd. reporter

    sure, please check the attached file, the convert button remains disabled, also if I change the html code and set it to enabled after posting the form the error message appears.

  3. MobiWIA Ltd. reporter

    Mine got resolved by removing all predefined users and after adding them back I could go on

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