Issue #4790 wontfix
Todd Morrison created an issue

Create two repositories A and B.
Navigate to Repository A.
Navigate to Repository B.

"Repositories"->"Recently Viewed" list shows repositories in order of creation, not in order of last visited.

It shows "Repository A" at ordinal 1, in this case.

Customer Expectations:

My expectation for this feature is to bring the repository most recently visited to the top of this list.

If not, then switching between 5+ repositories will be a pain in the face.

Comments (5)

  1. Todd Morrison reporter

    Total dig if this is by design. I just know it has been throwing me off all day.
    For some reason I expect it to be ordered by last visited.

  2. Joel Unger

    I'm fairly sure this stuff is just stored in a cookie (go ahead and clear it to see your list wiped away). We just need to be smarter about this ordering.

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for reporting.

    This is actually by design. The idea was if you are visiting the same 5 repos very often that we would not shift the list around on you. This way you could know where to expect the link.



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