Add VBScript (ASP) and Visual Basic Languages (BB-6056)

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I know it's an old technology, but there are still quite a few ASP pages out there. Not the ASP.NET/VB.NET variety, but the .asp. Any chance you can add that as a language (or perhaps VBScript?). What about the older Visual Basic code as well? There are still quite a few production applications that rely on these technologies.

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  1. jesse reporter

    Hello, just checking back to see if you have a new ETA for inclusion? I have a bunch of source I need to upload. :)

    Thank you!

  2. Nick Palmius


    I see that ASP and Visual Basic have been added, but it would still be good to have a VBScript option. Any chance of this being added?

    I also think that a VBA or Microsoft Office option would be useful for VBA macros / tools etc implemented using Office technologies (I know that this is common within many organisations due to the ease of deployment).


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