Enable uploading a user picture without the need for Gravatar. (BB-6060)

Issue #4798 resolved
Frederic Saladin
created an issue

I don't use ID-connectors or at least I try to circumvent them as often as possible. While connecting content as much as possible is a good thing, connecting authoring is more bad than good. At least in my point of view.

So for those people who feel the need to be always recognized (and honored), give them gravatar. But please for the rest of us give us the possibility to directly upload a user picture.

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  1. Lars L.

    2nd this one. In my opinion it is better to have the choice as a user than to be forced to use external services, so please make that happen :)

  2. Kaloyan Doichinov

    Since Gravatar isn't even a paid service, I cannot imagine why BitBucket would endorse them like this. It's only a matter of common sense - let your users choose whether they want to upload a picture of their own and be done with it, or go through yet another signup process for yet another service they certainly do NOT want to use.


  3. Matthew Hellstrom

    I'd really love to be able to upload an avatar directly without dealing with Gravatar as well. It's a nice service, but it should be an option to those who actually want it rather than required for everybody who'd like to have a picture next to their name.

  4. Frederic Saladin reporter

    I set the priority to "minor" i.e. one step higher. Maybe it helps to grab some attention... If nothing happens, I will rise the priority again. Don't know whether that's gonna help but at least it won't hurt.

  5. Anonymous


    Is this some kind of joke? This was created on 2012-10-09 and the only information we got so far is: Marked as minor. Is it being considered or not?

  6. Wolf Montey

    +1 me too. i find the gravitar system too complicated and i'm a new one around here ... not a true techhie as of yet. i still have yet to learn how to write code.. but am interested in cultivating a project for benefits of education. i'm trying to figure out the git dealie too.. but atm i write this.. i'm a little tired from my back being so uncooperative :P

    by the way fred.. could you please mark this higher in priority? a lot of us are having trouble here. my avatar will remain as it is until this is resolved. i'm sorry to sound snobbish. thats not what i mean to be like at all. but .. um please? hopeful look

  7. Nick

    +1 Gravatar is a privacy leak.

    It's not that I don't trust Bitbucket, it's that uploading a Gravatar image automagically links your (online or actual) identity with places that have no business knowing it just because they happen to have your email address. Stupid, stupid idea. =(

  8. Frederic Saladin reporter

    I set the priority to "major" i.e. one step higher. Maybe it helps to grab some attention... If nothing happens, I will rise the priority again. Don't know whether that's gonna help but at least it won't hurt.

  9. phipsalabim

    I really don't like the idea of linking everything i do on the web to my email address, if all I want is a little picture of myself on my bitbucket account.

  10. Sir Substance

    Shoehorning people into your bullshit service that does literally nothing of value is stupid and insulting.

    If people refuse to use gravatar, the correct solution is not to remove all their other options.

  11. Iesus

    I am PRO a simple upload feature or embedding pictures from other sites and Gravatar as an alternative additional method. 3 ways. Upload, embedd, Gravatar.

  12. primusinterpares

    My company just wants to put its logo on the landing page. You call it an avatar and associate it with an email address (and a blog!) - neither makes much sense for a company. Please let me just upload a PNG

  13. Thomas Wodarek

    I generally try to not sign-up for services/websites that I don't need, and I see Gravitar as one of those sites, so being able to have a Bitbucket avatar independent of them would be great. Also, I tend to customize my avatars to match the social setting of the site, thus a single avatar for all my sites does not make sense.


  14. 15M

    Wordpress is categorized as Blog site. Many companies don't allow blog accesses. It´s ironic: One can access BitBucket (and even this page) but can't create an avatar to his account!

  15. acsr industrialdesign

    +1 Wordpress sucks (for this!). Gravatar was a good idea. But why the put it to Grave-A-tar?

    Did they not get the MoveableType lessons? Without the idiots of MoveableType, WordPress had never succeeded. Too poor quality...

    So kick them as well! Use Bucketars (You know them from Futurama!)


  16. Gilbert Samuelian


    I can upload images for my repositories, but to change my own avatar, I need to sign up for two external services? Not awesome.

    I'm not a fan of anything that makes me sign up for a 3rd-party service ("CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT TO CONTINUE") to use functionality that should already be provided. I am very tired of creating accounts with every little website that wants to use my e-mail or personal information somehow, so I generally just avoid the process entirely.

    TLDR: I would rather stop using BitBucket than sign-up for a 3rd party site just to get an avatar. For now, I'll simply continue without one.

  17. Frederic Saladin reporter

    I set the priority to "critical" i.e. one step higher. Maybe it helps to grab some attention... If nothing happens, I will rise the priority again. Don't know whether that's gonna help but at least it won't hurt.

  18. Nicholas Van Wyen

    Well I think that Bitbucket should consider removing their dependency on Gavatar. (albeit carefully) The login process for Gavatar. changed, which has already impacted Bitbucket users. I would think Bitbucket would want to maintain independence and keep use pristine, as the site appears to be already.


  19. Matthew Kelton

    I have to create an account somewhere I'll never use just to add my picture here? I understand the motivation behind gravatar, but at least give us the option to load one ourselves.

  20. Mr. G

    Any news? It's been half a year since this was reported. Who came up with this Gravatar thing anyway? Seems like a pretty silly feature for business accounts.

  21. Robert Rossmann

    I would like to upload my company logo for a team account at least. I do not feel like creating a Gravatar account for a team account as it does not really represent a real person.

  22. Anonymous


    I simply don't understand why bitbucket still makes this a question! It should be obvious that you should be able to choose the avatar method (own image or gravatar). But that's just my side of it.

    Anyway... i vote for uploading profile image rather than using gravatar!

  23. Anonymous

    +1 I don't like it how big players take everything under control. Why should I create a WP account just to use an avatar?

  24. Bill Hurt

    Hard to imagine why something as basic as user avatars would get farmed out like this. Please fix. I have no intention of using an avatar while I still have to sign up for outside services. Blog required or not.

  25. Crypteron Inc

    So ... you want me to create a wordpress account, to get a gravatar, just so I can change the profile image? Do you want to take a step back and listen to your own requirements?

  26. Simón Medrano

    -1 Please. Give these people the "possibility" of uploading their own profile image, opting out of Gravatar if they hate it so much, so they can have their so much needed anonymity for their misterious projects. But please don't take Gravatar integration off. There's so many normal people (the great majority) who like it and do not complain about it.

  27. Nicholas Budd

    Another vote. I'm ok with linking identities for this particular account because it's my public username, but I realise there are many who don't like tying their online identities together, and I understand the reasoning. Also, Gravatar now require you to have a Wordpress account, which forces a whole load of stuff on the user. Not cool.

  28. simon Lemay

    Make no sense to Create an account elsewhere in order to use an Avatar. As much as i like giving my email left and right (sarcasm), i dont want to create a Wordpress account in order to make the commenting process within bitbucket more readable and intuitive.


  29. Aleks Ris

    Just a lucky guess! My line of thinking is this: ;1000 people asking and ; it is easy programmer task but no one want to do it, therefore it must be a reason why ; and like for the most of the things in this world reason is money!

  30. Chris Ashton

    How on earth has uploading an avatar not been implemented? I have no wish to use an ID connector such as Gravatar – I completely respect people who find Gravatar's functionality beneficial, but it is a nice to have feature rather than core functionality. It is particularly baffling when our Jira account allows avatars image to be uploaded. What are you thinking of Atlassian?