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Gabriel De Luca
created an issue

The idea behind a wiki page is to be informative but be public. When I say semi-private I mean that only contributors can modify wiki-pages on a projects where as private wiki's need to give out the ability to view it. But public wiki's anyone can mess with something without really asking the administrators.

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  1. Gabriel De Luca reporter

    Thanks, hopefully it happens, it would be nice. Many companies like this ability an example would be apache who want you to commit some proposals and get them accepted before you can just make changes to everything so that the internet is not freely editable by anyone.

  2. Adam Matoušek

    I thought that since Private wiki is visible to everyone with repository access, it would be visible for everyone if the repo was public.

    Please, implement this feature.

  3. Rudy Matela


    Proposal for new set of options

    • No wiki
    • Private wiki: Visible only to people who have repository access
    • Read Only Public Wiki: anyone can view, only people with repository access can edit and create pages.
    • Public wiki: anyone can view, edit, and create pages
  4. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Gabe,

    We believe that the linked issue #2462 is a more general solution to the same problem. You would be able to achieve the same result with permissions for wiki as you are describing here.

    However, I do understand that having a separate option of 'Read-only' is much simpler than having to manage read/write permissions separately. So if/when we implement #2462 we will make sure to take this concern into account.

    Cheers, Brian

  5. Gabriel De Luca reporter

    Well just add into #2462 the option for "all" to read so we(the users) don't have to assign everyone the read permissions individually... as that's really annoying... honestly you guys should do the same thing that you did with the repositories... groups, read, write, admin as those work very nicely.

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