New UI no longer provides commands for using hg / git

Issue #4825 wontfix
Ronald Nowling
created an issue

Before the release of the new UI, Bitbucket provided the exact commands for cloning repositories.

E.g, hg clone

The new Bitbucket UI only provides the URIs ( .

Although this seems like a small thing, it was a key feature that led me to prefer Bitbucket over Github. Not only did it make my life easier (less thinking!), it was useful for members of our team and collaborators (researchers, scientists in math, biology, etc.) who are not as comfortable with the command-line and tools like hg and git.

Please, please bring this back!

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  1. Ronald Nowling reporter

    But it's not located on the side of the screen. Why would a user go the clone tab when it used to be directly over the repo contents?

    (See screenshot to see what I'm referring to.)

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hello, I understand the area you are referring to, this is intended to provide the URL of your repo for any action, not just for cloning. The header is meant for the actions like clone, pull etc.

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