SSH URL incorrectly has colon instead of forward-slash between and username on Overview tab

Issue #4841 wontfix
Alex Lewis
created an issue

On the Overview tab of a repository where you're presented with the SSH URL for the repository or the HTTP URL if selected the SSH URL is incorrect (I.e. in the section above Branch, Tags, Forks, etc.)

The URL shows -<username>/<repo_name>.git rather than -<username>/<repo_name>.git

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  1. Alex Lewis reporter

    Sorry, I've not explained myself properly... The HTTP URL is fine, it's the SSH URL which is wrong.

    The SSH URL that's displayed is (on the page I describe above)...


    Notice the colon between "" and "alewis001". The colon should be a forward-slash.

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Alex,

    I understand what you are saying.

    If we were to use a '/' in the ssh url then we would need to specify the protocol as git+ssh.

    So that we can specify ssh:// we follow the hostname with ':' not slash.

    You will find that this URL works fine for cloning from bitbucket over ssh. This is also the same style ssh clone URL that github uses.



  3. Alex Lewis reporter

    Ah! I do apologise!!

    I was putting ssh:// on the front of the URL (and I wasn't copy/paste'ing the URL from the webpage), which was returning me an error (ssh: Could not resolve hostname as obviously "alewis001" is not a port and hence why I thought there was a problem. Again sorry for my mistake.

    Would maybe renaming "SSH" to "GIT" avoid confusion? I realise GIT is done over SSH so I can see why the option is named SSH, just a thought :)

    Anyway, again thank you for your patience :)

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