Visual indication of approved commits (BB-6179)

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Dusan Hornik
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I want to review all commits on my repository. I click on a commit and once I reviewed it I press "Aprrove". This is great but I would like two enhancements to it:

  • When I am on a commits tab I don't see which commits I've reviewed and which not. It would be nice to add some flag/icon/color indication to the approved commits
  • When I am looking in the commit page I'd like to quickly skip to next/previous commit in a list. Jira style "j/k" shortcuts would be great for this. (and maybe arrow icons too for those who don't use shortcuts)

Thanks Dusan

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi Dusan,

    We're currently working on your first suggestion (color indicator for your approvals). In regards to your second suggestion, j/k keyboard shortcuts should work on both the commits listing and the commit detail pages. If you find this to not be the case, please let us know.

    Thanks, Zach

  2. Anonymous

    I've tried the j/k shortcuts (using Chrome on Ubuntu), and on the commits tab, j/k definitely navigates through the list of commits.

    On the commit details page, j/k appears to be navigating through through that specific commit. up/down the list of files, and then to the respective diffs.

    I believe what Dusan is looking for (and I know I'm looking for) is a method of navigating to the next/previous commit.

    Seeing the parents/children of a commit would be nice, and then links to navigate to them.

    Thanks for listening

  3. Dusan Hornik reporter

    Hi Zach,

    As Mike rightly explained I was looking for shortcut to get to next/previous commit from the commit detail page.

    The use case:

    • I want to review last 10 commits
    • I click on a commit to review it
    • Click on Approve to approve the commit
    • <and here I want to go directly to the next commit to review it>

    Thanks Dusan

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