Issue #4866 wontfix

Adding a code snippet to an issue doesn't work like it used to

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Here is an example:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 230, in <module> result_data = main(report_file_name) File "", line 203, in main result = handle_query_node(graph_db, data_node, user_sub, indices, dtusermod) File "", line 133, in handle_query_node process = data_node.process

I used to be able to just past it in and there were {{{ holding it in. Now these don't show up when inserting code.

It would appear that one can stil add the {{{ manually, but that doesn't work for me, and it seems like unnecessary work.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Charles,

    As part of our new UI rollout we switched all comments and descriptions to use Markdown.

    Markdown has a different syntax for codeblocks, you indent 4 spaces.

    I am sorry for the confusion but we feel that markdown is a better fit for the long-term.



  2. crp reporter

    (Reply via

    I had noted the new use of Markdown, which I think is a good decision. The issue that I have is that there seems to be no way to easily indent a pasted traceback. I'm sure that I can paste it in another editor, use that editor to indent the block and then paste the indented block in the comment. It just seems like unnecessary extra work for the process.

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