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Issue #4879 resolved

Dashboard not displaying accessible repository

created an issue

Dashboard not displaying accessible repository until at least one repository is flagged as favorite

Comments (5)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    We are not aware of any issues with the dashboard. Could you provide some more details? What repo specifically are you expecting to see listed on your dashboard that is missing?

    If you don't want to share this publicly here, you can email it to support@bitbucket.org

  2. acidgreen reporter

    To replicate the issue you need to create a fresh new account (user A) and have this user added to one of the groups owned and managed by another user (user B).

    User A does not own any repository and has access to private repositories of user B.

    User A can search for repository names that user B owned, can then view too. But until User A flag at least one repository of user B as "following" user A does not see any of them.

    Note that once user A follows a repository and then "unfollow" it, then user A can still view all accessible repository from the dashboard.

    Let me know if can't replicate the issue.

  3. Erik van Zijst staff

    We just rolled out a hotfix where new users (and even renamed user accounts) would get the "Welcome newcomer" page instead of their dashboard.

    From your description it's not entirely clear if that's what you ran into, but care to give it another test?

  4. acidgreen reporter

    I'm pretty sure (100%), I was clicking on the "Dashboard" link to make sure that I was on the right page.

    Anyway, cannot replicate it anymore.


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