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Issue #4891 closed

BB Ajax calls helpfully convert hex usernames to decimal (BB-6217)

created an issue

Tried to enter a new SSH Key, but was unable to Save it. I also tried changing an existing key and was unable to save the update. I tried to do this using both Chrome (v22) and FireFox (v15).

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    I have been unable to reproduce this problem.

    Do you have more details? What OS are you on?

    Have you tried to shift + reload the site and see if you still have the same problem?



  2. devddit reporter


    I have tried on both Windows 8 (IE and Chrome) and OS X 10.8 (Chrome and Safari). I think the problem is confined to my account because I created a new account and was able to successfully add a key. I then logged out of the new account and logged into my old account and verified that the issue still existed.

    I inspected the communication via fiddler on my old account and did not see anything. However, when attempting to delete a key I got the following message: "There was an error communicating with the server, please try again."

    It's pretty strange. I'll continue to investigate and hopefully provide some new info.


  3. Dylan Etkin

    Thats really strange.

    Can we run this through support@bitbucket.org?

    We are more responsive to that queue than we are to the public issue tracker.



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