Allow cumtomizable default values for new issues

Issue #4893 duplicate
Patrick Kaeding
created an issue

From a support request:

Allow the defaults for "type" and "priority" to be set (we use "minor" as our default priority and "task" as our default type)

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  1. Ben Cronin

    Actually, this is not quite a duplicate.

    Issue #2930 refers to customizing the list itself.

    Issue #4893 is a request to be able to set the default value within the predefined list.

    While issue #2930 would imply implementing the other (how could you possibly have a fixed default on a custom list?), the converse is not necessarily true. I might hope that this issue could be kept separate, as I would expect allowing the default to be changed would easier in terms of implementation and design issues than #2930. Please consider reopening this issue (and fixing the misspelling in the title!).

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