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Issue #4900 closed

“Something has gone terribly wrong” on pull request from deleted branch (BB-6129)

Christian Walther
created an issue

On https://bitbucket.org/OpenUru_org/cwe-ou/pull-request/18 I get an error message “Oops! Something has gone terribly wrong...” on all three tabs (Diff/Commits/Activity). In particular, I can no longer see the discussion that happened on this pull request, which makes me a bit queasy, because those discussions are important information regarding traceability of the development of the project. The participants icons at the top right still show the involved people though, so I’m hopeful that no data has been lost.

The problem appeared with the new site design, in the old design the discussion was visible.

It most likely has something to do with the fact that the source branch of this pull request was mistakenly deleted by its owner a while ago. I’m also not sure why the pull request is marked “declined” (though that may not be Bitbucket’s fault), as far as I am concerned it is open and will be accepted soon.

(As as side note, I would also consider it a bug that the commits disappeared from the pull request when they were removed from the source repository. In my opinion, the pull request should keep a reference to them, no matter whether they are still present in the source repository. But that already happened in the old design and is not part of this bug report.)

Comments (10)

  1. Patrick Kaeding

    Hi Christian

    No, the comment discussion has not been lost. It seems we just have a bug in displaying the discussion when the source repository has been deleted. I will work on fixing that now.


  2. John Cotton

    I've run into a variant of this problem. Not sure if should append here or file a new bug. For now, I'll append, but feel free to ask me to put it in a new issue.

    I have an open pull request with 2 inline code comments on it. The fork was rebased, so the pull request was updated (the line upon which the comments were based was altered). Following the update, the pull request tells me via little speech bubble icons there are two comments (and a mouseover dialog box tells me they were made on a previous version of the pull request). Clicking on the speech bubble results in "Something terrible has gone wrong." So does clicking on the "Activity" tab (but the "Diff" and "Commits" tabs work ok).

    I'll upload 2 screenshots.

    (FWIW, I also agree with Christian. A pull-request should store the history of everything that happens as discussion, never losing any of that valuable history).

  3. Lyrositor

    On the same repository that Christian mentioned earlier, I made a PR and realized a typo had made its way into one of the commits. I stripped the problematic changeset, edited my local copy (using the same branch name for the PR, exploit-fix), and pushed to Bitbucket. However, now I see the "Something has gone terribly wrong" message in both the Diff and Commits tabs: https://bitbucket.org/OpenUru_org/cwe-ou/pull-request/23/fix-remote-code-execution-through

    I briefly saw the Edit button appear, which took me to a page where I could edit the branch the PR came from with a dropbown box... but the dropdown box was empty, so I couldn't select exploit-fix. I never saw that button again.

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