Default parameters for issue's options (BB-3526)

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Sidney Lins
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It would be very very useful to have some place where we could set default options for 'assigne', 'type' and so on.

It is very boring to have to set them in each new issue.


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  1. Dylan Etkin

    We actually have a pull request under review to bring this back right now.

    I expect it to sit for another week or so while we get it through review but we have not forgotten this issue, I promise.

    Cheers, Dylan

  2. Daniel Bennett staff

    As the creator of the pull request mentioned above I can say that, sadly, my changes did not make it in.

    I'm going to mark this as open so it's clear that it's still on the plan despite suffering a setback.

  3. mpc

    I have to jump on the bandwagon here and throw my vote in. As an aside, I would think the default "default" would be "Task", not "Bug". Let's throw the developers a bone and err on the side of optimism.

  4. Garret Wilson

    I note that there was a separate issue for creating a default assignee, which I feel is much more important than assigning a default issue "type", but someone lumped them all together here. Fine, if Atlassian wants to implement all of them---but so far Atlassian is not implementing any of them.

    How come we can set a default reviewer for a pull request, but can't set a default assignee for an issue?

    We can't even set a default person to be notified when an issue is created!!

    (Yes, you're going to tell me that we can set an email to be notified when an issue is created, but that's different---the entire Bitbucket system works on users, not on email addresses. Now I have to go into each project and enter an email address, and if a user changes their email I have to go change all the emails.)

    In short the issue tracking system is disjointed and incomplete.

  5. Sidney Lins reporter

    It has already been past more than FOUR years since this stupidly little issue has been open without any progress.

    Things like that makes me 'loose the faith' in Atlassian, unfortunatelly.

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