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Remove $s in commands to run on "Import an existing repository"

Nelson Chen
created an issue

Removing the $ prepended to each line would make it much quicker for anyone to copy and paste some commands to get their repo into Bitbucket. I have to copy and paste two times while trying to precisely align my mouse as to not copy the $s. Hence, why not remove the $s, copy just once and paste?

As for $, I don't believe it to be a major loss.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Nelson,

    Are you referring to the information that scrolls past in the "terminal" when doing an import?

    That is really just showing you what we are doing and is not ment to be commands that you would be copying.

    Let me know if I am misunderstanding.



  2. Nelson Chen reporter

    I'm referring to this copy.


    Import an existing repository

    You already have a Git repository on your computer. Let's publish it to Bitbucket.

    $ cd /path/to/my/repo

    $ git remote add origin ssh://

    $ git push -u origin master # to push changes for the first time

    Do you want to grab a repo from another site? Try our Importer!


    Only the last two are actually bothersome.

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Nelson,

    Thanks for pointing out where that is.

    We would actually like to leave it how it currently is.

    The $ conveys a message to users that these are commands that must be run in a terminal. We use the convention in other places on the site as well.

    In the specific case you point out I believe its pretty easy to only copy and paste the part you are after, excluding the $.

    I hope you understand, cheers,


  4. Nelson Chen reporter

    Ah, okay. Thanks for considering this though. Seeing as all the other git hosting sites have purposefully set "commands that must be run in a terminal" as monospace in a grey box, I've wondered why Bitbucket was the odd one of the bunch. I'll probably just write a Chrome extension to strip this off for myself then.

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