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Issue #4929 closed

Better warning error message for adding an SSH key (BB-6135)

Marcus Bertrand [Atlassian]
staff created an issue

When adding an SSH key that is invalid or too long, provide the user with useful feedback as to why.

Comments (5)

  1. patlecat

    There is also no information whatsoever what key-algorithms are supported, in what length and how they need to be formatted to be accepted. This problem exists for several years now. Lousy support and design I might say!

  2. patlecat

    [Resolved] I found out what BitBucket expects to receive as a valid SSH-Key:

    RSA-Public-Keys with a length of 1024 - 4096 and with the following format. Everything is on 1 line, so no carriage-returns anywhere!! And only 1 space to separate the fields. The last space and following date field are optional:

    ssh-rsa[space]public-key content...xyz[space]rsa-key-20130617

    Now Bitbucket team, was that so difficult to describe to your customers? Or do you consider this a top-secret information? Very disapointing I must say :-(

  3. ods94065

    I discovered that an ssh-dsa key I had that was rejected by the UI could be imported from GitHub, even though the Bitbucket UI gave me an "invalid SSH key" message when I tried to add it directly. It worked like a charm once imported. So, I think this is a limitation in the Bitbucket account management UI that ought to be addressed, not just papered over with a better error message. Please look for a followup bug report.

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