Markdown syntax highlighting in issues comments for complete blocks

Issue #4931 wontfix
Balázs Keresztury created an issue

It would be great if the user could instruct the issues comment parser to highlight code syntaxes without inserting 4 spaces before each row. This feature was available before the new parser by using {{{ and }}}

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Balazs,

    I am afraid the old syntax was wiki creole which we have moved away from.

    The new syntax is defined by Markdown and that is what we have decided to support.

    In the years since we originally chose creole markdown has become the default standard. I am afraid that more people are familiar with that syntax.



  2. Balázs Keresztury reporter

    Hi Dylan,

    It would also solve the problem, if the user could easily indent the code block, for instance by using an indent button or a shortcut in the editor. This way the syntax wouldn't be changed, but the developer would be able to quickly copy-paste his code in the comment. Do you think this is feasible?


  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Balazs,

    We do provide the small help toolbar that you see in the issue description input. We are planning on rolling this out to everywhere you can make comments.

    However, this is just a simple tool to give you a leg-up to remember markdown syntax. We don't have plans the make the input a "smart" input that would allow for copy/paste of incorrectly formatted text that would then be transformed.



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