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Issue #4935 resolved

Comment preview needs an edit option (BB-6155)

Andrew Clayton
created an issue

Hi folk,

Well done on a great interface you have created.

One small omission is the ability to edit after you have Previewed a comment.

Let's say you have an almost beautiful looking comment done with markdown, you preview and of course - damn there's that typo.

Now you have two options - cancel (not a good way to go as I found out) or comment.... but now you have published the comment. Yes you can go and edit, but the post will have already been emailed to who knows who, and when you fix your comment they will get it all over again - that begins to feel spammy.

So an edit option to take you back into typing mode from the preview would do the trick.

Cheers Andrew

Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Andrew,

    If you click the preview button again it will switch back to edit.

    We give the preview button a depressed look but you are not the first one to find that confusing. We will likely take another swing at getting the preview to be more intuitive.



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