HTTP Content-Type is always text/plain (BB-6154)

Issue #4936 open
created an issue

It would seem that downloading any file from a repository causes the HTTP response header to contain the same content-type: text/plain

For example:

curl -i -u thedillonb

Results in:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

Which is incorrect since the png is not text...

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  1. tcasstevens

    On my bitbucket hosted web site, I have downloadable files. One is a .dmg file. When users download that file with Safari, Safari automatically adds a .txt extension. This is not desired. "Safari might add these extensions based on information received from the website about the file type. If file type sent by the server does not match the extension, Safari may append an extension to ensure the file is recognized by the Finder."

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