User Profile Search, and other site-wide search enhancements (BB-39)

Issue #494 open
Ches Martin
created an issue

I'd imagine some of these things are probably already on the drawing board, since search has gradually been added for issues and so forth (and wiki <<issue 122>> would be Real Soon Now, right? :-)), but I came across an interesting use case to share:

I was actually contacted by a resourceful recruiter who found me on Github. This allowed him to send me targeted opportunities for Python and Ruby work, most of them using progressive practices and distributed SCM, often citing an appreciation for folks who contribute to open source. Pretty cool really, the kind of recruiter I want to keep a relationship with.

I told him about Bitbucket as something to be aware of as well, and he pointed out that there seems to be no easy way to search for users by location, as he can do on Github:

So there. Probably a big request, but site-wide search with lots of metadata and filtering. Go! :-)

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  1. george007 NA

    One would really think this kind of feature should be among defaults... So I am supposed to create a repository with the same name as mine to walkaround this issue?

  2. David Middleton

    Seriously? We still can't search for users? I must be missing something, but how do I find a user (and ideally communicate with them) before blindly adding them to an access group & hoping I've added the right person?

  3. caminati

    Actually, I do have a basic form of user searching through the "send invitation" button, which opens a dialog in which I can type the beginning of a user name and I get displayed the matching users.

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