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Issue #4941 invalid

Capitals in email address causing trouble (BB-6064)

Alexander Tesfamichael
created an issue

tl;dr the attachment says it all. I think the following happened. I entered my email address in capitals, somehow bitbucket changed it to lower case as it knew capitals don't matter, but also kept the capitalized one. Now I have both alex.tesfamichael@gmail.com and Alex.Tesfamichael@gmail.com listed as mail addresses linked to my account. Resending verification doesn't help. Removing is impossible due to both being my primary email according to bitbucket(and this is technically right).

Comments (3)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for reporting.

    If you would like to have one of the emails removed from your account please contact support@bitbucket.org.

    Or if its no big deal you can wait until this is fixed (although I am not sure when that will be).



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