show Mercurial (or Git) version in BitBucket pages (BB-6219)

Issue #4977 resolved
Johan Samyn
created an issue

Before the BitBucket redesign one could read at the bottom of the pages the Mercurial version that was used. Now we heve no clue about what exact Mercurial (or Git) version is used on BitBucket. Could this please be reshown? Cause I'm pretty sure that's valuable info for many people, to know what features are avail and what not.

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff
    $ curl
    {"system": {"python": "2.7.3", "extensions": ["convert"], "hg": "2.2.2+11-cab7fc8c33b6", "django": "1.3.1"}, "deployed": {"media_hex": "e0d251052a46", "hex": "cc09c5e17db6"}}
  2. Johan Samyn reporter

    Erik, I don't see anything resolved ? Joel's example is exactly what I remember from before btw. (And the Atlassian logo at the bottom is taking up more (unuseful) space than that extra line would.)

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