Enhance the HipChat integration with more information (BB-6233)

Issue #4979 closed
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

From a customer

Interestingly, the hipchat notifications sent by BitBucket are not as good as those sent via GitHub. I've noticed the following issue: where the messages that say "User committed to None at team/repository" - I'm not sure why it comes through as None?

Also, in comparison to GitHub, the messages seem pretty sparse. There aren't notifications about branches being added or deleted (that I have seen), or code being stripped out. No notifications about pull requests or comments. The info that appears in the bitbucket recent activity is much better; but it would really be nice to have this same stuff be pushed to hipchat.

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  1. Aram Dermenjian

    Do we know if there are any plans to fix this? or will it just stay like this forever? Cause it would be pretty cool to know which branch it's getting committed to when we're doing more than one commit =/

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