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Issue #4982 resolved

Opening pull request fails (BB-6236)

Tommi Joutsiniemi
created an issue


I have two pull requests (from two different users) on mobirouter/mbus repository.

For example, here's the other one: https://bitbucket.org/mobirouter/puljaamo/pull-request/27/copying-shift-templates

When I try to open it, Bitbucket just gives me an error. Same happens to the other pull request. I can't accept any pull requests now.

(pull requests have worked fine before)

Comments (6)

  1. Patrick Kaeding


    It looks like the diff calculation on these pull requests is timing out. We have a few improvements in the works to make this faster, and that should be deployed to production in the next couple days. I am not certain that these fixes will fix this particular problem, though.

    Were these particularly large pull requests, with many files changed?

    Thanks, Patrick

  2. Tommi Joutsiniemi reporter

    (Reply via je...@mobisoft.fi):


    yes, we have couple of "compiled" (concatenated & minified) javascript files in the project. so, while the changes in the code are small by themselves, the compiled files will make the diff big.

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