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Issue #4988 resolved

Suddenly pushing stopped working.

Kasper Ligaard
created an issue

I use SSH and have uploaded a public key, which works fine. Today I created a repository and followed the instructions for importing a local repository. Trouble is, that when I run "push -u origin master" all I get is "conq: repository access denied. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly".

I have checked and double-checked, but it seems it just stopped working :-(

Comments (4)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kasper,

    I would suggest making sure that you can still interact with another repo on bitbucket. It sounds like Git is not correctly finding your local ssh key.

    I do know there is an issue with Git stopping working correctly associated with a recent update to curl, I am not sure if this would affect you.

    If you are still having trouble can you please email support@bitbucket.org?



  2. Kasper Ligaard reporter

    Things work againg. I didn't do anything I am aware of, but now I can push both to the company BitBucket repository and to my private BitBucket repository.

    This issue can be closed.

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