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List assigned issues (or, "save custom query") (BB-660)

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A "assigned to me" tickets report is missing, in my opinion. In developing phases I often open a lot of tickets, and assign to me the ones I am working on. Filtering in this way will help a lot.

As an alternative (more flexible, but more complicated), the "query" menu might have a "save custom query" option, which adds the query to the list.

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  1. Derek H

    Wow! I see I am just the latest in a long line of requestees ... looks like there is little to no chance of this one seeing the light of my screen?!

  2. Lance Parsons

    Saving a custom query for issues would be very helpful. For example, we often want to filter out proposals to focus on things we've already decided to do.

  3. Yaojian

    Note the number for this issue, it's #500. In my opinion, 500 means Internal Server Error ^_^, this explains why this issue takes five years and still open.

  4. Nathaniel Baughman

    Happy New Year - Atlassian, please consider a New Year's resolution to implement a "save custom query" feature. Thanks for your consideration.

    Workaround: Since the query string is in the page get request, I can save the URL for a custom query, but it would be much better served in the Issues UI.

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