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A "assigned to me" tickets report is missing, in my opinion. In developing phases I often open a lot of tickets, and assign to me the ones I am working on. Filtering in this way will help a lot.

As an alternative (more flexible, but more complicated), the "query" menu might have a "save custom query" option, which adds the query to the list.

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  1. Nathaniel Baughman

    Happy New Year - Atlassian, please consider a New Year's resolution to implement a "save custom query" feature. Thanks for your consideration.

    Workaround: Since the query string is in the page get request, I can save the URL for a custom query, but it would be much better served in the Issues UI.

  2. Eric Tucker

    How is this not implemented 6 years after it has been requested? Atlassian, your IPO showed you have millions in cash yet you can't seem to hire more developers to implement features your clients request for nearly 10 years. It's disgusting how non-customer focused you are.

  3. Jon Baker

    Thank you @shais0 - crazy that you would have to install a plugin to do something that really should be a basic functionality of any kind of issue tracker.

  4. Max Grender-Jones

    Even if there aren't plans to implement saving full custom filters, would it be possible to add more defaults? For example, I'd love to have a view of all unresolved issues (or just change the all open issues) to show both Open and On Hold. If you looked at the filters people most often use, you might be able to catch a lot of the use cases with just a few more standard searches. Or hold a vote 😃

  5. Alexander

    It's a shame to not have this functionality. And this issue is ignored for 7 YEARS now. SEVEN YEARS!!!! 70 PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT! SEVENTY! It's abolutely essential feature. I can quickly view open issues or my issues. But I can't quickly view my open issues. I have to do advanced filtering to view my open issues. It wastes lots of time. I don't understand why such a simple feature could not be implemented for 7 * years

  6. Ed Kolis

    Yes, the only reason I haven't switched to github by now is I don't like git! Maybe the only reason they haven't fixed this is so they can chase away all the non-paying users and not have to waste their time on us? Any other Mercurial hosting providers I could switch to? Any way to export the issue tracker data into some other issue tracker? Will this comment be deleted by the admins here because I'm violating some rule or other about discussing competing services?

  7. Ed Kolis

    And Jon Baker (can't even @mention him anymore) suggested something about a plugin to do this - where is this plugin? Did the comment about the plugin get deleted too?

    edit: sorry, didn't realize mention was a team that I just spammed!

  8. Wanderer

    Current default Filters: All, Open, My Issues, Watching

    Proposal: All, Open, Issues assigned to me (actually it's a rename of "My Issues"), Issues reported by me, Watching

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