Can't search issues where assignee is 'nobody' (BB-662)

Issue #502 resolved
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Hi all, if I have to specify two criteria for the same parameter, query will use only the last one. That's because there is collision of GET variables (&{param}=value) with the same name, the last overwriting the others.

As you are working on queries, I might find it useful to filter out tickets which are not assigned (responsible=nobody), but as "nobody" is not mapped in the database (I think so), this does not work yet.

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  1. craiv reporter

    Ok, I got the problem. It depends on the inability to specify AND queries, and the & in the URL made me think that they were AND-related. By the way, I was trying to make a query which excluded two users, to get all the unassigned tickets. The system joined the two clauses with an OR and I got fooled. :P Sorry, my bad. (but, it would be nice to implement AND clauses if everything in a particular field is negated, so that !user1&!user2 will return not everything but only issues by others than user1 AND user2. But maybe this is useless for everybody :D)

    The ability to filter for "nobody" assigned issues is still not working. Clicking on the "nobody" link, the URL will result like /issues/?responsible= and the results are not filtered. This led me to the previous error, while trying to recreate the desired behavior negating all the users.

  2. craiv reporter

    Quoting myself: the ability to filter for "nobody" assigned issues is still not working.

    And, it will be useful to have "and" queries (for making queries like "responsible is not {user1} and is not {user2}")

  3. ldiamond NA

    It seems to me that this is a very critical feature. Also doesn't seem like a very hard fix, certainly doesn't take 2 years to do it. Any updates on the matter?

    Setting the Component to "issuetracker", hope that helps.

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