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Issue #5034 closed

Markdown ordered lists are not parsed correctly (BB-6317)

Imaging Resource
created an issue

Ordered lists are correctly formatted and render fine for example here:




  1. Install dependencies (Apache, MySQL, PHP):

bash sudo apt-get install php5 apache2 mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql php5-gd imagemagick php5-curl # when prompted for mysql root password, just hit enter to leave it blank sudo a2enmod include rewrite

  1. Create a special user and deploy directory: (hopefully we are able to eliminate this step in the future)

bash sudo adduser username # password does not matter sudo addgroup webusers sudo usermod -g webusers username sudo usermod -a -G xxx username sudo mkdir -p /var/www/username/ sudo chown -R username.webusers /var/www

^ that stuff was pasted in

These items were added with the actual bitbucket issues editor! \/

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