Wiki "query" macro has problems

Issue #504 resolved
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When adding a macro for a tickets query, it displays well in the preview, but when saved it has problems.

(private) example can be found at

You can reproduce this by: * creating a new wiki page * adding the default macro clicking on "list all issues for query" * click "preview", admire good markup * click "save" * see the result

looking at the markup it seems that {{{ <a rel="<b>Issue <a rel="> }}}

is bad and making the remaining markup fail.

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  1. Eirik Stavem
    • changed status to open

    Argh, "Bump!" needs to move issues to the top of the list, sorry for missing this.

    Have been able to reproduce, looks like an issue for you Jesper.

    We're not doing issuelink_noescape:repository on the preview-page, that's the only difference.

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