Create issue button not working with CNAMES (BB-6345)

Issue #5058 resolved
Lee Conlin created an issue

Clicking create issue button generates a 404

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  1. Lee Conlin reporter

    This problem is occurring in Chrome on repository EasyWebstore under user easywebstore when trying to submit a new bug report on the issue tracker

  2. Lee Conlin reporter

    I suspect it's something to do with the custom domain we're using... all of the 404's we've seen have been when using the custom domain

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    In addition, this has also been reported

    Links from Commit Logs to Tickets not working with custom domains

    When using bitbucket with a custom domain, the links within commit messages that are supposed to point to a referenced Ticket (#123-Links) do instead point to a 404 error page. This applies to all occurences of these links, on /changesets, /overview and the wiki.

  4. Swyter ™

    This is critical for us as the report a bug links for our tracker are all around the web and people keep trying to send us feedback without luck.

    Also, going to another page apart from the first one in the issue list with the custom domain 404's too. :(

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