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Issue #5059 invalid

Services Don't Seem to Work Across All Users

Ryan Currington
created an issue

I have several repos that I work with a designer on. The designer has write permissions to the repo. I set a service to POST to a url that does a git pull. The service works for me as the admin, but does not appear to run when my designer commits code.

Comments (5)

  1. Ryan Currington reporter

    (Reply via rcur...@gmail.com):

    I'm not seeing the desired behavior. The other developers commits show up in the repo overview and if I hit the post URL manually, it works. It also works if my user commits code.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As I stated before, there is no difference on who actually pushes up a commit. If you are still having issues, please look at our guide. If this doesn't help and you still don't see the service hitting its target, open a support request to support.bitbucket.org.

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