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RLV @getinvworn doesn't show correct/updated results for everyone but the wearer her/him-self

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ok, how to start.... An object worn by an avatar provides a dialog with buttons for names of shared folders (and of course corresponding to them under the #RLV folder) containing wearables and/or attachments in order to make the avatar wear them or detach them. The @getinvworn command is used to determine what is worn in which shared folder, see below the script. The function is called everytime someone opens the dialog to show updated information.

string sh_folder = "(don't use!)EvilDollKey"; string sh_folder_toys = "!toys";

get_current_toy() { ltchannel = 32768 + (integer)llFrand(1000000); lthandle2 = llListen(ltchannel+1, "", "", ""); llOwnerSay("@getinvworn:" + sh_folder + "/" + sh_folder_toys + "=" + (string)(ltchannel+1)); return; }

Now, if the wearer of the object itself opens the dialog, everything works fine and as expected. The message provided by the Listen event shows exactly the results expected and the dialog buttons are shown correctly.

But, if someone different from the wearer opens the dialog, the Listen event would show the correct state of the shared folders only once after a reset of the script, after that the message in the Listen event would never change again to show the correct state of worn objects in the corresponding folder, no matter how often the function is called. Only after the script is reset, it would work just once again.

I tried this with the current Release of the RLV Viewer to make sure it's not Viewer related. I may still have done something wrong in my scripts, but i have been looking into the scripts for some time now and i don't see how the scriptlet above would allow different behavior for other avatars than the wearer and after all the Listen event gets triggered and the message is the correct @getinvworn syntax only it doesn't show the correct result.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This issue sounds like it is for Second life or an add-on for it. You have arrived at the issue tracker for the Bitbucket code hosting website. I won't be able to do anything for this issue unfortunately.

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