Issue #5064 wontfix
Rohan Daxini
created an issue

By mistake seems I deleted my past 3 weeks commit using command " git push origin +master" as it was not accepting my push and again and again was saying"merge" despite pulls and merges I did successfully.

Could you please please please please please help rollback these commits ?

We would loose lot of things if we dont roll it back :(

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    While we do keep backups of all data on Bitbucket, it isn't available for rollback situations. It is only able to be accessed for us in the case we should ever need site restoration.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    In the future, you can avoid this situation by never using the --force option when pushing. If you ever receive a warning from Git about a merge or push not working, you must resolve it or you will likely destroy data.

    Lastly, for issues like this, we may be able to help in quicker time if you contact us at support directly. This issue tracker is only lightly monitored and is for reporting of bugs and requesting features. See for our current contact information.

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