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Issue #5065 resolved

Inconsistency for the commit message between the commit view and event feed (BB-6339)

Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

Line breaks are being stripped and more of the commit message is shown on the event feed than on the commit view. These two views should be consistent.

Comments (4)

  1. Richard Torkar

    Wrong of me. In the actual commit message everything is ok, but on the first page with the overview of all commit messages they are stripped. I guess that is actually a feature so that you get one commit for each line.

  2. Nikolaj Šujskij

    Typically changeset comments are formatted like that:

    One-line summary (<80 characters)
    More detailed description after an empty line,
    formatted to <80 chars width as well

    It'd be nice and consistent with other tools (like hgweb, thg and hg CLI app) to use only summary in views such as "Recent activity" and "Commits"

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