Having trouble with push intermittently

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Cody Tolmasoff
created an issue

Hi, so we occasionally have problems with pushing files after adding and committing them. We have a team with remote people in China and India, so this can occur after a fairly long push due to slow upload speeds and it gets pretty frustrating. I also get it here in the US office too occasionally. We run a mix of PC's and mac's, and using either gitTortoise, Source Tree, or Tower to do this.

If you could give my any clue as to how to make this better, I'd appreciate it.

Here is my latest error (I was using tower on a mac): Connecting to the remote repository failed. Please verify your authentication settings.

Pushing to https://codyo@bitbucket.org/nomgames/sandwichstand.git error: RPC failed; result=55, HTTP code = 0 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: expected ok/error, helper said '4004“Êeí䳈ÎC¾ç®•Ç˜}…‰»@–¨OP§¾ ÷»Ê·hÐôû¬K€Î ør=½IVÒ½ ˜ñçˆïUöïŸUøâsÎ®O¤q~«³Š5 ]Î8¹K1‚ÇÂךõô÷7mŒÏÁ³zŒÉh!íPÓ¤¸}U@Âá¾a´/ý‹0Ú²a]ýe¡«ïÒæºJ¼oiƒÀRĝÈrÏc߅ ÃüÛSO;ކþ1d'æªþÊÚizÕ)xk¼I‡øçÙÎ6ŠÕµÅ4Í"´{ç"×ÚS½ûo¸ÇŠC@¼[œ03Að$ƒ“[:ǶR[Ë/ŽÚ905~™NÚ$ÿ,G¦Ì·äÅX–$ÐðøÝwPlñÏ]]¢÷»Ÿ‡µ”†\ê«42føa¯?Qé„ÓG(dñDýììMhô¼ „)vþÿQtNáq(N^Ûv6ÜØlŠÔ¶mÛ>µSã_ÛL“iÛÙd³¶íýÎw?W3Ï3¿÷½™Éð W%oÆÅòGâpœ½$=þ/þ„{ò€¨ÅŸÒ•å=×Õ@ÉïŦë»?$Ìlc±/ 3Ṛg›fži³îGU»PÒG*UoÒþ1¼µ&Ù'©þÊO›«::î7¬rìù­Ω—¡|B Ä9´åŠúNu¡w)ÊSߘíu©t‡E.'Á¸‘ ’Ð}@ː'ÿ"¿»öÂv˜W`×}¼zÿ™¤gÀ!ùoŸð¸ó´Á™1Nnú<Ö?‚˜'—ƒNÆ¡oÞÚç±2ºÛH«ò¡+Š¿×î%â*Ë Ãë6!4½‰<û;ë/{ñOý˜¦§ÝŸ›G7Žúƒ¬pTliŸ¥H²Î֕C¢¸qU8ÈýÂßÀ¡?ª0k+0t„(7±JœšvH1¨ï\ǀaMAôð_fBjõÚY ¢¯À›-üŸô®µÁøÇqÇüÀÔߒÚAw<«'

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