Adding to many users should not break repo access

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Today I invited our designer to our project on Bitbucket.

I myself am currently not coding on the project but help out the team with some push, pull and deploy tasks.

I went on with my business but soon I hear the kind of words around not suited for to use in a ticket but not uncommon in a tech shop 7 days before launch.

People could not push to the repo anymore (pull was still working). The error message was generic. The kind which usually means you will not spending your evening next to your girlfriend.

Some quick googling on the error message did not lead to the actual answer.

Turns out that after the designer accepted the invite, we went over 5 users and the repo became no longer writable for anyone.

If I, as I usually do, would not have been in the room anymore but would have been back on the road, the team would not have been able to push and deploy. Which would have been unacceptable.

I like Bitbucket, and like Atlassian (I have some friendly contacts over at your place and your office drinks in Amsterdam rock). Next to that I feel giving out free private repos is very generous.

But this is tricky and should never occur.

Have a great evening.


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