Cannot open pull request from one branch to another because it says there aren't any changes when there actually are

Issue #5082 invalid
Dominick DeStasio created an issue

Trying to open up a pull request from my dev branch to the qa branch. In the top, it shows me that dev was updated x hours ago and QA was last updated 11 days ago. However, down below it says there are no commits and all of the functionality to submit the pull request is disabled.

See the attached screenshot.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    It took a bit to load, but I see a diff and can open a pull request for this repository. If you continue to have issues, please report them directly to

  2. Dominick DeStasio reporter

    I had to work around this issue, so I manually pushed to the branch myself from Git instead of using the pull request. This has happened to me a few times though.

    Unfortunately, it usually isn't something that can afford to wait a few days for an answer.

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