Column sort order carets on issues list page are reversed (BB-6397)

Issue #5107 wontfix
Phil Munro
created an issue

Hi. Just noticed that the ascending/descending arrows are back to front. Should point up when list is sorted ascending but currently point down, and vice-versa (see screenshot).

I've done exactly the same thing myself in the past! ;)

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Phil,

    I had a look at this issue and the sort order is correct. I believe the confusion lies in the fact that we are sorting by the title, i.e. the text starting with 'Infrastructure' and 'Account'. We are not sorting by the issue key, i.e. '#7', etc.

    Also from the image, the caret indicates that the list is in descending order, which should mean sorted Z-A.

    I have raised an issue to split out the issue key and the title to reduce the confusion.

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