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Issue #5117 wontfix

default raw encoding is set to ascii (should be UTF8 IMO) (BB-3501)

Maciej Fijalkowski
created an issue

Comments (4)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Maciej,

    At the moment we're not sending any kind encoding header to the browser. This is intentional: we can't know with certainty how the file is encoded (it might not even be plain text).

    Browsers unfortunately often default to latin-1 when there's no encoding, which is why you're seeing garbled text.

  2. Janne Kurkinen

    You should definitely have a setting for this on the repo and/or user settings! I needed to copy quickly some old versions of a file and afterwards there was strange errors – it seems to be due to wrongly encoded copypastamagic!

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