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bruciebruce created an issue

Why the **** should I be able to accidentally revoke my own access to a repository that I am admin on?

Your access on nextimageadmin/nim3_core has been revoked.

I need this restored ASAP.

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    You're able to revoke your own access, as long as there are still other admins present for that repository. Otherwise anyone could just add you as an admin to any repository, and you could never get rid of it.

  2. bruciebruce reporter

    The only person who should be able to add anyone as an admin is and admin. The most important point here is that I should be able to bring back this repository.

    Can you tell how to do that? Thank you.

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Once you remove your access, you cannot restore it. If you are the administrator of the team that this repo belongs to, you should be able to access this repository's admin and give yourself access again. If you were only attached to this one repository, you'll need to get the owner to re-add you.

  4. bruciebruce reporter

    (Reply via


    Your site is so difficult to navigate around. Where has your team hidden the url so I can do what you state below?


    From: Marcus Bertrand [] Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 3:00 PM To: Bruce Macdonald Subject: Re: [site/master] WTF (issue #5119)

  5. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Looking at your account, you don't have any access to nextimageadmin any longer. You'll need to contact the administrator of that repository directly to regain access.

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