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Issue #5128 duplicate

Team members cannot see Pull request commits from forks where they do not have permission (BB-6384)

Bruno Penteado
created an issue

I forked a private repo from my corporation into a private repo of my ownership and started developing.

Later when i finished developing I created a pull request for the changes, but as people from my corporation does not have access to my private repo, they cannot see the pull request contents.

As i see, put in one line: if a pull request is created for a repo, the pull request should be always visible for the owner(s) of this repo, regardless of access control rules in the forked repo

Comments (6)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    This is presently the way this was designed. You'll need to have a fork in the same team so that the other members can see your pull request. This issue will serve as the request to change that.

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