Fogbugz service not working?

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I cannot seem to get fogbugz integration to work.

I added the Fogbugz services, and enter my fogbugz URL. When I commit a change to bitbucket, nothing seems to happen on the fogbugz end. (I made sure to include the BugzID: line at the end of my comment).

The URL I use in the CVSSubmit text field is:


x=t --- I think the spam filter is triggering if I use the t.

where xxxxxx is my fogbugz on-demand site.

Out of desperation I also tried hxxp:// and also added CVSSubmit.asp to the end of the URL.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
    • changed status to open

    There was a bug in the broker, and I think it's fixed now (I can't really test it.)

    I think you need to have the CVSSubmit.asp in the URL when configuring the broker as well. Let me know if it works better now!

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