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Embedding external images in (BB-6489)

Jens Grassel
created an issue

If I embedd an image in my (for example my TeamCity build status icon) the image is not rendered, only a placeholder appears.

The code used in the

![Build Status](

Maybe it is of interest that the is located in a private repository.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jens,

    I believe this markdown works:

    Build Status

    It looks like the bug is with the specific URL you are using. We will look into it but you should have a work-around for now.



  2. Jens Grassel reporter

    The workaround does not work. ;-)

    I guess it is really related to the url, because it contains "(" and ")" which I encoded to prevent markdown from breaking but to no avail it seems. :-|

  3. Steve Loveless

    Check out BitBucket seemingly doesn't support this; it uses safe mode in markdown which really disables anything dynamic. I came across this post looking for a solution. :shit:

    Also, FWIW, I put backslashes before the parens in the URL, which didn't barf, but I also didn't get the image either.

    Also, I tried just getting the page to display TeamCity's text status (use status instead of statusIcon) and it doesn't like that either.

  4. blueror815

    Dear Jens. I have some problems for embedding screenshot to bitbucket repository. My folder structure is like this. root--

    • screenshot >>- screenshot.png

    And I have added file to below line. "Alt text"

    But the image does not be rendered. How can I solve this problem? Please help me.


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