This diff is too big for us to render.

Issue #5177 resolved
Alex Litvinenko
created an issue


My goal is to see difference between two branches. There are near 50 commits. Earlier Bitbucket was able to draw diff between them. But since today there is a message "This diff is too big for us to render." for all diffs even those with 1 line being changed. Could you please fix this issue. This feature is very important for me while doing pre-release code review. Thanks in advance

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We have made some recent changes that should have improved the performance on this page and may now allow more of these changesets to render. Keep in mind that VERY large changesets may not render in full due to both time contraints on requests and the fact that your browser may not like rendering many MB of diff data.

  2. Benjamin Han

    This issue bugs me too. Most of these files have very small changes, but deleting one large log file makes it impossible for me to see any of the important changes I care about.

  3. Michele Titolo


    Since there's no line commits in Source, I had hoped this would be a good way to do a code review with a remote colleague. Alas, there are several files that I can't view the diff of, and some I don't care about the diff of, and there's no way to change that.

  4. Anonymous

    It would be helpful if you could at least open a file in a new page so it will only have give a diff of that single file.

  5. John Allan

    Agreeing with Anonymous... why isn't there a View File button, that would essentially solve this issue and seems like it would be an easy fix.

    Sometimes commits are big. How can you code review without a diff?

    Issue is definitely not resolved.

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